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Professional car detailing is an integral part of keeping it in its pristine condition. That’s why, every car owner must not neglect this as the benefits of car detailing have promising benefits. However, some individuals focus the detailing only on the exterior of their vehicles, leaving the interior surfaces ignored.

Pro Detailing Solutions is your # go-to company that caters to both interior and exterior car detailing. Having a solid 15 years in the industry, our clients in Lee’s Summit, Missouri depend on our superior detailing services.

We aim to provide extensive knowledge about car detailing, the processes involved in each detailing service, and the overall advantages of the service.

About Car Detailing

Car detailing is the meticulous cleaning method of the interior and exterior parts and surfaces of a car. It aims to deeply clean every component of your vehicle from car engine, door jambs, windows, windshield, leather seats, car’s exterior, other surfaces, and even hard-to-reach areas.

Our Standard Interior Detailing Process

Car detailing varies on the package you avail as well as the expertise of the detailer to undertake the job. To give you an idea of how we do our services, Pro Detailing Solutions shares with you our standard interior detailing process:


Our detailer will start by vacuuming the seats, floors, center console, rear cargo space, headliners, and carpets. This will effectively eliminate the tiny dirt particles, and dust trapped in every space Thi process prepares the car’s interior for the rest of the detailing stage.

Steam Cleaning or Brushing

The next step focuses on cleaning the carpets and mats. Our skilled detailers will thoroughly scrub the floor carpets using the right products to effectively eliminate dirt, grime, and stains.

Glass Cleaning

This cleaning stage targets to enhance the overall clarity of every glass component of your car such as the windshields and windows.

Leather Cleaning

Our team will clean the leather parts of your vehicle using the right and safe products like soap and cleaner to effectively get rid of nasty stains and remove annoying stain marks. 


Re-vacuuming is necessary to ensure that no dirt or dust particles will be left after the initial cleaning.


Wiping all the washed areas using a microfiber towel is the next stage as preparation for the final look of your car’s interior.


Finally, our detailers will spray car perfume into your interior space leaving it clean and smells good.

Our Standard Exterior Detailing Process

Wheel Wash

One of the dirtiest parts of your car is the wheels since they conquer the dirty and muddy roads. Our detailers at Pro Detailing Solutions begin exterior auto detailing by thoroughly washing the wheels while using different brushes to effectively eliminate all kinds of dirt.


This is how we conduct our pre-cleaning process:


Our detailer will apply an iron dissolver followed by a solvent tar remover directly on the exterior component to effectively eliminate stubborn contaminants.

Clay Bar 

A clay bar will focus on addressing the car’s paint to eliminate stains leaving a spotless finish.

Drying and Polishing

Right after washing, our pro detailer will dry and polish the car to prevent water spots from forming; giving a shiny finish on the exterior of your auto.

Sealant Application or Waxing

The final stage of exterior detailing is wax application throughout the paint of your car to preserve the clarity of the car’s coating.

The Benefits of Professional Auto Detailing Services

Whether you are a new car owner or interested in car detailing services, we listed below the importance of having a detailed car and why it should not be missed:

Increase The Value

Car detailing helps to make your auto maintain its original appearance and can double its resale value. Through car detailing, you can maintain the excellent condition of your car’s interior and exterior. Maintaining your car in its showroom condition will make it more appealing to potential buyers if you are planning to up it in the market. 

These buyers will likely pay more if they know that a car has maintained its shimmer and performance. Therefore, it is an integral procedure that any car owner should not neglect. So, make your car look its best and boost it. selling value through regular auto detailing sessions.

Improve Aesthetics

Aside from maintaining overall health, a car detailing service helps leverage the vehicle’s appearance on-road. Over time, your car faces daily wear and tear such as dirt, UV rays, and acid rain that greatly impact its appearance. Meanwhile, regular car detailing impedes the deterioration process by eliminating flaws like stains, dust, and scratches. As a result, this will bring back the overall pristine appearance of the car.

Our specialized auto detailing job covers every corner of your car to ensure nothing is missed out. Our professional detailers have extensive knowledge of cutting-edge techniques in the car detailing business.

Mechanical Issues Prevention

Another undeniable benefit of car detailing is it helps to prevent major mechanical problems that may arise sooner than expected. Some of these issues are corrosion and rusting of car parts that might affect the overall functionality of tires, wheels, rims, and engines. However, regular exterior detailing can help prevent costly repairs and untimely damages.

Car detailing can eliminate accumulated dust trapped inside the engine. As a result, it can boost the overall performance of your car. Lastly, applying a protective layer of wax and other products over the paint through auto detailing can help to reduce scratches, dents, and further damage. Therefore, regular auto detailing is integral not only for the aesthetic appeal but also for its overall health and improved performance.

Cost-Efficient Car Maintenance

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to protect your luxury car then auto detailing is the key. Investing in regular detailing for your vehicle can save you more in the long run as it minimizes wear and tear on the interior and exterior. It will give you peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle lasts longer while maintaining its overall value and performance over time.

Moreover, trained detailers from a reliable company can spot any underlying issues in your vehicles. This is essential as it can prevent tiny issues from becoming major problems by repairing them right away. As a result, it can save you from stress and money in the long run.

Maintained Upholstery

Extend the life of your car’s upholstery through professional car detailing. Detailing entails meticulous and various cleaning techniques from vacuuming the trunks, carpets, floor mats, and seats. This will effectively eliminate dust particles and other debris that compromise upholstery quality. 

Additional processes like leather conditioning and steam cleaning are also necessary for maintaining the interior of the car. On top of that, it helps to improve the overall indoor air quality.

Meanwhile, car detailing protects the exterior of your car from repeated exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Our detailers will apply a protective coating all over the exterior paint to reduce paint fading. 

Increase Safe Driving Experience

Professional detailers can hand car wash and clean the in and out of your car, eliminating debris and small particles that might compromise the clarity and visibility of the windshield while driving. Car detailing can provide a smooth ride by removing trapped dirt from the engine that might affect the cooling and heating temperature.

Doing this can bring out the optimal performance of your car. Improved performance boosts a vehicle’s ability and performance while conquering roads in different driving conditions safely.

Professional auto detailing protects your car from harmful pollutants and other elements while on the road which can minimize a car’s life and lead to the need for frequent repairs.Remember, professional car detailers are equipped with the right tools and equipment to deliver immaculate results that an automated system cannot reach.

Hire the Pros in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Countless benefits entail regular auto detailing from aesthetics, increased resale value and major mechanical issues, and upholstery protection. Proper auto detailing from a trusted company can increase overall driving safety and is also a great way if you are looking for cost-efficient car maintenance.

Pro Detailing Solutions is the #1 go-to car detailing company in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, and nearby areas. We have extensive knowledge and cutting-edge equipment to provide timely and accurate detailing services. Our team handled different types of vehicles, regardless of size, brand, and model.

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