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When your windows are tinted, it can increase the style and appearance of your vehicle. However, the benefits are far more than merely cosmetic. Installing a window film offers several practical benefits that can improve the comfort and functionality of your vehicle. 

At Pro Detailing Solutions, we can make your car look and feel like new with our wide range of car detailing services. We have 15 years of professional experience in auto detailing, car detailing, truck detailing, commercial fleet detailing, exotic car detailing, ceramic coating, and window tinting. We proudly serve all vehicles throughout Lee’s Summit, Pleasant Hill, Blue Springs, Lake Winnebago, and Independence Missouri.

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Window Tinting Services in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

When it comes to protecting yourself and the interior of your vehicle from the constant heat, trust Pro Detailing Solutions for the best window tinting has to offer. 

Window tinting is not only for aesthetic purposes. While it can make a beautiful addition to any vehicle by creating a streamlined look, it plays a significant role in vehicle protection. It is important to keep you and your passengers protected from the UV rays.

Our team at Pro Detailing Solutions are the best people for the job. We exclusively use the best quality window tint films on the market so that you can rest assured knowing that you are protected. Aside from blocking harmful UV rays, glare, and high temperatures, tint can also resist shattering during an unexpected accident.

What are the Benefits of Having Your Car Windows Tinted?

Below are some of the benefits of having your car windows tinted.

UV Window Films Protects Your Skin from Harmful UV Rays

Window tint can benefit your health. You wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, and during the summer, you might apply a layer of sunscreen to protect you from harmful UV rays. 

Installing a UV-blocking window tint can protect your skin from the sun. For instance, a ceramic window tint can block 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays, the radiation most strongly associated with the development of skin cancer. While metal-based products can interfere with your mobile phone reception, a ceramic window tint will never produce interference in any of your electronic devices.

Furthermore, a UV window film can keep you from getting an unsightly “trucker tan” on your left arm when driving. This can also be important for shading kids and other passengers in the backseat, making your vehicle as comfortable as a window tint will allow.

A Window Tint Can Protect Your Upholstery

Your skin isn’t the only thing that can be damaged by the sun. When you are exposed to the sun for too long, it can cause your car’s seat cushioning to fade. Since your car’s interior is not uniformly exposed to the sun, this can leave discolored patches where your car’s upholstery has been exposed to light and shade, respectively.

Fading upholstery isn’t the only concern. Leather upholstery contains natural oils that keep it smooth and flexible. Solar rays can cause leather upholstery to dry out, leaving it stiff and subject to cracks and other damage. Even vinyl upholstery can be damaged by constant exposure to direct sunlight, leaving it with spots and cracks that can decrease the overall lifespan of your vehicle.

Window Tint Protects You from Solar Heat

Missouri residents can understand how hot the summers can get. It can be painful to drive after your car’s been sitting in the hot sun all day. However, a window tint can offer superior solar heat rejection, which means that sunlight won’t cause your car’s interior to overheat.

Furthermore, when your tinted windows shade you from the heat of the sun, your car’s air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard. This can improve your gas mileage and prevent wear and tear on your car’s AC system components.

Window Tint Offers Better Privacy and Security

Many people value their privacy, and that’s something that you don’t often get while driving. Other drivers and pedestrians can see straight into your car- unless your windows are tinted.

Moreover, being able to shield the interior of your car from view is beneficial for security. Several smash-and-grab situations are committed by opportunists. They walk past a car and see a bag or anything valuable, and take their shot.

When your windows are tinted, people won’t be able to see what’s inside your vehicle and will therefore be less likely to try to break into it. However, It’s still a good idea to remove valuables when possible, since people may still break in.

Window Tint Provides Shattered Glass Protection

Finally, a window tint can provide an added layer of safety for your vehicle windows. A car window tint can increase your car window’s resistance to shattering. It can make your windows significantly more resistant to damage from weather and blown tree branches.

Pro Detailing Solutions

Our Premium Services for Window Tinting

Pro Detailing Solutions offers the following window tinting services.

Ceramic Tint

Our ceramic tint is a premium non-metal window tint. It’s made of a nano-hybrid, carbon construction. Some of the benefits of this product include a beautiful non-reflective finish that is fade-resistant. Since it’s a non-metal tint, it won’t interfere with radio, navigation, or cellular signals.

Infrared Tint

Our infrared film is a high-end protection film with incredible heat-rejection properties. It is non-reflective and non-metal meaning that it will not inhibit radio, cell, or satellite signals. This film comes with a lifetime warranty against adhesive failure, peeling, delamination, fading, and cracking. 

Call the Professionals from Pro Detailing Solutions

Window tint is a professional service that is beneficial to your vehicle. Your car is an investment and having your windows tinted is an excellent way to protect that investment.

Call us at (816) 838-7777 to schedule a window tinting appointment with Pro Detailing Solutions. If you are ready to experience the benefits of window tinting, reach out to our friendly and professional team. We use state-of-the-art products and our skills are second to none.

Pro Detailing Solutions proudly serves all vehicles throughout Lee’s Summit, Pleasant Hill, Blue Springs, Lake Winnebago, and Independence Missouri. Call us today!