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Most people who own cars think that the only services that promote car care are simple washing and waxing. Though these services are important, they shouldn’t be the only ones that you have to focus on. You also have to consider detailing, since it’s a critical part of car care and it can make a difference in how your car looks and performs.

When you have your car detailed, hiring a professional is the best way to go. If you’re looking for experts in car detailing, look no further than Pro Detailing Solutions. Our team is composed of professional technicians who can clean the inside and out, fix any small scratches or dents, polish the paint, and many more.

Our detailing services can make your car look nicer and improve its performance.

Pro Detailing Solutions has been in the industry of car detailing since 2008. We have been offering these services for 15 years to thousands of car enthusiasts and business owners. We offer truck, fleet, and exotic car detailing, as well as ceramic coating.

We proudly serve all properties in Lake Winnebago and nearby cities. If you want to know more about our services, call (816) 838-7777 or email us at You can also visit our site at to know more about our business.

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Why Should You Hire Pro Detailing Solutions For Your Automotive Detailing?

We understand that your car is one of your most valuable possessions. You want to keep it looking good all the time by investing in proper care and maintenance. Getting your car washed, rotating the wheels, and changing the fluids are just some of the basics of car maintenance. However, maintaining a car is more than doing the minimum.

Sometimes, giving your car the utmost care can go as far as hiring a car detailing company. When you’re looking for a trusted car detailing company in Lake Winnebago, consider hiring Pro Detailing Solutions.

Here are some reasons you should hire us to be your contractor:

Expert car detailing services

Did you know that getting your car cleaned at an automated car wash can produce minimal scratches and some visible watermarks? An automated car wash does not guarantee an excellent job cleaning your car. In fact, it can leave light stains on your car’s body and even scratches on your paint.

That’s why it’s best to hire a car detailing company to wash your car professionally and avoid damage. At Pro Detailing Solutions, we offer expert auto detailing services that include complete interior and exterior cleaning.

We use steam to clean and disinfect the seats, steering wheel, armrest, dash, door panels, and even cup holders. Moreover, your car’s exterior is often exposed to bird droppings, road grime, dust, bitter frost, and other contaminants. Exposure to these kinds of harsh elements can cause rust that can do significant damage to your car.

Increase resale value

Are you planning on selling your vehicle? A well-maintained car will always have a higher resale value compared to cars that don’t get one. Buyers always look at the appearance, especially the exterior detailing that could affect its value.

As professional detailing contractors, we do an excellent job in exterior and interior detailing. We clean, wax, and offer paint protection services if needed. Moreover, car detailing lessens the risk of wear and tear, enhancing its overall appearance. 

A well-detailed car is an investment. Failing to take care of your car can lead to a loss of major profits. So, if you’re thinking of selling your car, it would be wise to start investing in regular interior detailing to improve your vehicle’s appearance and performance.

Save detailing time

If you work in your car by yourself, there are plenty of things you need to do. You need to get cleaning supplies, declutter, spray the mats, and clean the car’s interior. 

When you’re done, steam clean the air vents, the air sills and jambs, and any upholstery that may require a deep clean. When you bring your vehicle to an expert with years of experience, they’ll make things simpler, quicker, and more affordable, even though these procedures might be incredibly time-consuming and daunting.

Avoid lease-return penalties

Lease-return penalties frequently apply to leased vehicles. Failure to maintain a leased vehicle may result in consequences for you. You would be charged if you failed to maintain a leased vehicle.

The vehicle inspector inspects the car for any damage after each lease agreement. You’ll be liable for any damages and the cost of any repairs that are required. You can avoid paying extra money by having a professional detailer maintain your leased car. A skilled detailer will make every effort to reduce any scratches or stains on your automobile that cannot be eliminated.

Save money

Many people believe that DIY car detailing will save them money; however, hiring a professional will save them money in the long term. How? Since you’ll need to buy the necessary brushes and tools and cleaning supplies when doing it yourself, the overall cost of detailing can go up. 

Although you might believe that your water usage won’t affect your water bills, it probably will. This is another vital factor to consider.

Use of specialized tools

Why do professional auto detailers can clean your automobile so much better than you can at home? They have specialized equipment and supplies not found in a local auto parts store.

Moreover, it would be too expensive for you to attempt to copy their equipment and products to detail your automobile a few times a year. Cleaning your automobile costs less than the equipment and supplies.

About Lake Winnebago

One of the nicest places to reside in Missouri is Lake Winnebago, which is in Cass County. Lake Winnebago may provide a suburban feel for families looking for a larger city rather than one that is densely populated. With something to offer everyone, this city is a great location to call home. It satisfies the wants and needs of its people. 

One of the reasons it’s a great place to live is that it’s affordable. A person’s income was not greatly reduced by housing expenditures. Additionally, living here is safe. People feel secure walking about at night since there are so few crimes. In this community, people feel at home living everywhere because everyone is warm and welcoming.

There are numerous bars, restaurants, and other attractions in this city. It’s easy to unwind on the weekends because of the town’s many parks and open spaces. Additionally, the climate is favorable and changes all year round, from beautiful summer days to chilly winter days. Locals tend to be conservative. Both the public and private schools in Lake Winnebago are highly rated.

Local Attractions In Lake Winnebago

Here are some of the best places to visit in Lake Winnebago:

Longview Lake

One of the Midwest’s undiscovered gems is Longview Lake. This is not simply a tiny pond in the middle of nowhere. Over 930 acres of water at Longview Lake make it ideal for boating, swimming, and fishing. Also, the vistas are breathtaking.

The background of the lake is particularly lovely due to the undulating hills. In addition, there are numerous picnic spots and hiking trails to discover.

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Lake Jacomo

There are many leisure activities available at this man-made lake, including boating, hiking, and picnics. But Lake Jacomo’s breathtaking natural beauty is what makes it stand out from other lakes. It’s the perfect location for a fun-filled family outing or a tranquil city escape because of the magnificent backdrop of rolling hills and deep forests. Also, don’t forget to look out for wildlife like deer, turkeys, and even bald eagles!

Blue Springs Lake

For anyone seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Blue Springs Lake is the ideal destination. This magnificent lake, located in the center of Missouri’s Jackson County, provides more than simply breathtaking views. Everyone may find something to do here, from fishing to camping. You could even be lucky enough to catch sight of the lake’s legendary resident monster, which is said to be hiding in its depths. 

Minor Park

Minor Park in Jackson County, Missouri is a location worth visiting. Don’t be fooled by the moniker; despite its “Minor” name, it has plenty to offer. This park is excellent for both nature lovers and athletes because it has lovely walking pathways, a pretty pond, and superb sports facilities. And don’t worry if you’re feeling peckish after all that exercise; there are lots of wonderful restaurants close by to sate your appetite.

Helzberg Penguin Plaza

You’ll never visit a place cooler than Helzberg Penguin Plaza. Literally. That’s because this cutting-edge penguin exhibit is maintained at a frigid 45 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the ideal temperature for its feathered inhabitants.

These penguins are certainly enjoying themselves. They have access to several pools, viewing areas beneath the surface, and a nesting location where they can raise their eggs in comfort.

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Auto detailing is a professional service that cleans the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Polishing the vehicle requires extensive knowledge and equipment.

Call us at (816) 838-7777 to schedule an auto detailing appointment with Pro Detailing Solutions. We recommend a regular auto detailing service as this will help your vehicle look good and perform better. Car detailing is an essential part of routine car maintenance.

Pro Detailing Solutions proudly serves all vehicles throughout Lee’s Summit, Pleasant Hill, Blue Springs, Lake Winnebago, and Independence, Missouri. Call us today!